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Top Trends in Wealth Management: 2020 (Capgemini Report)

Posted by Hella de Jong on Jul 1, 2020 12:15:00 PM

Capgemini published their top trends for 2020 and as a data company operating in the wealth management sector, the report is a must-read. Even though we’re already almost halfway of 2020, we’ve listed the nine trends mentioned in the report. What trends have you already seen?

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How to choose your custodians for a family office?

Posted by Johan Pieter Verwey on Nov 7, 2019 3:45:58 PM

Finding the right banking partners can make your life as a Family Officer a lot easier. Your custodians perform a number of services that you rely on, on a daily basis. For transactions, investment advice, compliance  and reporting. The data the custodians create and distribute should be the foundation of your financial management, consolidated reporting and monitoring systems. The quality of that data is key.

And here, as with most things in life, not animals are created equal. 

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Topics: single family offices, direct data feeds with banks, automatic data feeds, data feeds, HNWI and UHNWI, wealth reports, consolidated reporting, family office management

Meet Swetha, Check6's new Security Administrator

Posted by Swetha Subramaniyan on Oct 2, 2019 4:20:00 PM

In September, Check6 has had quite a few members joining! Now, we would like to introduce Swetha, who is working on Data Reconciliation for Check6. I'm handing over her introduction! ---

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Top Reasons Using Excel for Your Financial Data is Risky Business

Posted by Check6 on Sep 24, 2019 5:28:00 PM

There is plenty of information decrying corporate use of Excel for financial data. Even as far back as 2013 Forbes published an opinion piece with the ominous and provocative title: ‘Microsoft’s Excel Might Be the Most Dangerous Software on the Planet.’ The article pointed to perils including the errors that can occur from manual entry of data and mistaken calculations resulting from incorrect equations, which, distressingly, had cost some banks billions of dollars. For most companies, including Family Offices, however, Excel has represented one of the only available options for inputting and calculating financial information. Yet, as we move forward toward integrating that financial data, Excel’s risks and limitations appear all too frequently.

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How Blockchain is changing Private Investment Industry - Q&A with veteran, Jonny Fry

Posted by Check6 on Sep 4, 2019 11:07:24 AM

As co-founder and CEO of Team Blockchain, Ltd., Jonny Fry is a frequent contributor to print and broadcast publications on Blockchain-related issues.  In the 1980s he started, and later became CEO of an asset management company, which was floated on the London stock exchange. After over 20 years, and having grown the funds under management to over £1 billion, he wanted to do something different. He was attracted to the opportunities to help companies that Blockchain technology presented and, even more, believed that crypto-currencies had created a new asset class for investors that could help digitize many industries in important ways.

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