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Meet Check6's New Communications Manager: Hella de Jong

Posted by Sebastian Verkuilen on May 6, 2020 11:15:00 AM

Meet the newest team member of Check6! We would like to introduce to you our new Communications Manager, Hella de Jong.

Hella has been working for Check6 for over a month now as she started at the end of March. Her days are filled with, for instance, keeping our website up to date, checking all the social media platforms of Check6, writing blogs, and providing the most outstanding data reporting solutions of Check6 to anyone in need. Furthermore, she is involved on the sales side and is eager to pursue the mission and vision of Check6: to be the premiere financial data company in the world.

Hella de Jong Check6 Communications ManagerBefore starting at Check6, Hella obtained a bachelor degree in International Tourism Management and Consultancy at Breda University of Applied Sciences. During her studies she also did an internship in Bali Indonesia, which was according to Hella a very memorable and inspiring time. She continued her studies and broadened her horizon with a master in Communication and Information Sciences at Tilburg University. Afterwards she decided to take the next step and Check6 crossed her path.

Hella explains that she always preferred to visualize data, whether it be big or small chunks of data, as this made it more prehensible for people. Together with the motivation to learn more about communications and marketing within any working field, Check6 was a great opportunity she signed up for right away. Check6 gives her the opportunity to explore the different elements of communication, marketing, and sales related aspects. She says that because Check6 is still a young company a lot is possible and there is room to grow on a personal level as well as for Check6 to grow.

In her free time she likes to read and her field of interest ranges from biographies, psychological pieces, up to romans. Also catching up with friends who she knows from her old student association. During her studies, she was treasurer on the board for a year and after that became the chairwoman of the activity committee at her student association. Spending time with her boyfriend and friends is also a loved activity. For a little psychical exercise she likes to grab her inline skates and go skating in Breda, as she lives happily in Breda for over nine years now.


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